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Amenities include on site laundry, air conditioning, parking, full kitchens, living/dining rooms and quick access to public transportation. Each guest can expect a clean bed, sufficient clothing storage, HDTV w/ cable and free wifi in every room inside a clean, well maintained home cared for by the guests who stay there! Our homes are smoke free but there are plenty of designated outdoor smoking areas.

Massachusetts sober home owner offered to forgive rent, waive security deposits in exchange for sexual acts, –

Massachusetts sober home owner offered to forgive rent, waive security deposits in exchange for sexual acts,.

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As of February, more than 700 families are on a waitlist for emergency shelter; about half of families in the state’s caseload are Massachusetts residents. The number of people experiencing homelessness in Boston rose 17.2% last year — from 4,439 people in 2022 to 5,202 people in 2023 — and the number of unsheltered people living sober houses boston on the street jumped by 42%, according to last year’s annual homeless census. In the first few days of the sweep, city officials said 73 people were placed in low-threshold transitional housing and 23 were directed to shelters. Check out more about living a sober lifestyle and how we support sober living in our Sober Living Blog.

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Our “family” way of life will provide a safe and clean environment that is ideal for continuing long-term recovery. We provide a structured environment for recovering addicts to begin living their lives clean and sober outside the confines of a drug treatment center or detention center. Boston Sober Homes is a M.A.S.H certified sober housing company for those who are serious about their recovery and sobriety. Our mission is to provide clean, comfortable accommodations in a positive environment for those looking to live a sober lifestyle. Our homes and their atmospheres are nurtured by the guests they provide for. This means in order to enter a home you must arrive and remain sober and commit to weekly drug screenings while living in our homes.

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We are a place for you to find peace and safety to function in a drug and alcohol free environment. The impact of the migrant crisis has left chronically homeless residents with even fewer options, leading people like G and Rodriguez to become more nomadic, sheltering from the cold in South Station or the Downtown Crossing area. The area is overseen by a team of private security guards funded by an annual $2.1 million in American Rescue Plan Funds. An influx of new police officers are now authorized to arrest anyone who “remains in the street in willful violation” of the city ordinance. A central booking agreement between the city and Boston Police Department allows detainees to be held in a local jail prior to their arraignments. But homeless advocates say many more people have grown afraid of seeking services near Mass. and Cass, worried about being picked up by police on past warrants or simply for being homeless.

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Housing advocates say there are fewer resources for people experiencing homelessness this year than following previous sweeps. During a clearing in 2022, the city created six low-threshold housing sites. Since then, 214 people from Mass. and Cass have been moved into permanent housing, according to city officials.

For the warmer months, we also have an outdoor meeting area, large decks, and a yard to enjoy. We expect our residents to be actively involved in an individual recovery plan. We facilitate in- house AA and NA meetings, and all residents are subject to supervised drug and alcohol testing. Our Somerville home is a semi modern two family with a gigantic living room and a great group of residents.

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